imageThis morning Pa swan is blowing a gasket! His feathers are puffed and arched into his back as he steams across the water in persuit of a Canadian goose who has dared to stop off on his patch. The chase criss crosses the breadth and length of the lake until the goose eventually gives in and climbs out onto the bank hooting loudly. Job well done – food/nest site safe and mrs Swan  impressed? Perhaps, but what I have not mentioned are the four other geese still on the lake. He sets of immediately to tackle the next and … of course the first intruder slips quietly back into the water!

Give him his dues, this pair of swans have successfully raised two sets of eight cygnets over the last two years- an unrivalled feat here. His methods must work, but was it worth his sanity? Could he have achieved the same aim by quietl guarding the immediate vicinity of the nest?I am left pondering if there is a message for me. Sometimes I chase off hotheaded without pausing first to work out that I can achieve more by staying calm and focused…

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