Today started with a mindful meditation. The stillness in my room  broken only by the rhythmic patter of rain drumming on the window pane, I noticed  and grounded myself feeling a fleeting sense of deepening calm. This sounds good- however like many new to the beneficial effects of emptying rubbish from the brain the calm we seek is only fleeting and moments of  peaceful grounding  are hard won . The constant chatter of my mind buts in almost immediately …  Happily though the sound of the rain is associated for now with that brief internal peace and I smile, feeeling it wash over me as I step out into the down-pour.

In the park it is that wetter than wet deluge that dog walkers believe is triggered only by the act of clipping a lead onto their furry friend’s collar. The kind that soaks through beneath the skin tingling and cold. It falls copeously from large dark clouds emptying their entire load on you alone, stopping suddenly and mysteriously as you make the last few squelchy steps back to the front door. Victimisation of said canine enthusiasts aside, I notice the rain IS making me feel good. Wow! I can cope with this kind of positive connection! I look again an notice how deep and bright the greens are and the particular  smell of freshly wet foliage. Little birds dart between the trees on either side of the path and swoop to the grass looking for creepy crawly dinner summoned out by the rain. Further on the rain splashes hard into the lake- I notice the ripples it makes and again feel happy in the amazing beauty of nature. Suddenly a robin breaks into song, very close by. It sits sheltering in the canopy, lower than usual and I notice the rich tones and fluent trills that seem to last a glorious eternity before it stops, looking me up and down. Probably telling me to go on home – unless of course I had any tasty morsels to offer.

The spell breaks, we turn to go and Angus darts off woofing in delight as he sniffs the ground were a squirrel has briefly stopped moments ago. This is doggy treasure, he is happy and so am I as I know his quarry is safe moving nimbly through the maze of tree branches far ahead down the path.

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