Many people describe life as an emotional roller coaster. I certainly do and for the past few weeks I have been fortunate enough to have felt at a high point on my artistic ride. You know, the all -consuming passion and total commitment that makes you want  to complete a project to the exclusion of most other things. Imagine if that was permanent- one could  run right out of food and perhaps become a little unpopular! So fortunate for me my creative ‘highs’ don’t  last for ever.  The laws of gravity kick in- what goes up must come down.


However this really is no bad thing. The more I encounter emotional energy the more I think that if  creative life continued on the same level all of the time  I would  never  experience the view from the glorious peaks I encounter after climbing out of a low on my journey? Every time I lose inspiration it frustrates me but perhaps it need not. I have already blogged about my brain needing time to process new ideas – perhaps this processing is what happens in the troughs. ( Shameful admission for a female – I don’t creatively multitask!) I used to consider these as unproductive and wasted times but actually they are allowing my brain time to catch up and consolidate insights, styles, use of colour or whatever I have just learned on my high time. I have to consider this  as ‘out time’.After all I suppose the household tasks occasionally need to be caught up on…!?

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