This year Angus and I were allowed the privilege of joining P.A.T. (Pets   As Therapy) , a national charity that brings animal and their owners together with public  organisations to spread a little love and enjoyment with others. This may be encouraging children to learn to read in schools, visiting the elderly in care homes or hospitals and assisting patient wellbeing through animal contact based therapies.


Angus is already a volunteer along with me at my local mental health NHS trust and now spends some of his time out from being an Assistance dog on the wards as a P.A.T. Dog. He is a great duchess- recognised and (I am frequently assured ) loved by staff and patients alike to provide a well deserved few minutes of stress relief. Some of his new friends like to stroke him, others tell him about their pets and what kind of day they are having and one lovely lady sings to him while giving him a head massage. I am sure you will guess from this that it is one of Angus’ favourite times of the week.And afterwards there is always time for a good roll!

IMG_7979 IMG_7985


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