I am not quite sure how anyone can resist the cheeky grin and sparkling eyes of Angus exercising ‘full charm mode’.

Sadly most of the taxi drivers that we meet are immune! While there are some lovely ones out there most see us as a big problem. Due to recently publicised cases both controllers and drivers are keen to quote the Equalities act 2010  at me… which is novel as I am usually the one who has to do that in shops and restaurants. ” Of course we can’t refuse to take you…” But the prolonged pause and raising of an eyebrow  which follows says more than the words.

At least today’s driver was honest as he flicked the button opening all four windows wide, ” I’m the one with the problem. One dog hair and the next customer will ring in and complain. They said the one who should have got you had a puncture. Not true, he refused the job.”

I’m not sure if the  resulting frosty atmosphere for the rest of the journey was down to the gale now blowing straight through the car or if it was caused by his rage and embarrassment. I do understand that they like a hackney cab to take the job but they are not always about even when I give fair notice. For this reason I always proclaim Angus’s presence and carry a large blanket to cover the back seat and although this may seem a step down to Angus there is always the boot… if it had been emptied by said driver . Not sure how a wheel chair user was supposed to negotiate this problem either? Regrettably his irate ‘discussion’ with control on the radio while we were in earshot in the back lasted for at least two miles and left me wondering if I had spawned a pair of shiney red horns since I last looked in the mirror. IMG_6855

At last we arrived,money changed hands and we skittles away like two naughty kids who had been in trouble again! Off we went- not into the horizon but on to the train and then the bus followed by the underground and then the whole thing in reverse. Oh my what fun we shall have while trying hard just to be ‘normal’.


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