A great little village hosts these beautiful waterfalls with no climbing necessary other than into a chair in one of the village restaurants to enjoy a well earned snack ! Caution though, the stones get very slippery under foot if it is raining. The residents and proprietors of this small but busy spot are extremely friendly and all dogs are made very welcome in at least one of the pubs. Walking on the stones here reminds me of how we met another adventurous dog and his humans doing something similar at the Fairy Pool on Skye. As usual dogs bring people together and get them chatting. We still remain social media friends! Hi Gonzo- a big high paw to you and your family.

Angus and I spent ages sunbathing on the rocks, people watching and listening to the rhythmic noises of the crashing water. We came away feeling much the better of this soulful experiene.

A few miles down the road lies Loch Earn. This is a beautiful expanse of water to be enjoyed how ever takes your fancy: whether it be by boat, from the top of a pointy ‘Ben’, camping, or walking on the shore ( camping permit required) .

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