Tiree is situated on the inner Hebrides chain on the West coast of Scotland. It is reached by a four hour ferry from Oban. Good old CalMac: what they lack in updating of their fleet, they certainly make up for in treatment of our four legged friends. No banishing to cars in a noisy hold or crating in ship kennels. Dog owning families are welcome. True, only assistance dogs have “access all areas”. [ No Angus: you know perfectly well even you are not allowed inside the kitchen!] Seriously , whitest carpeted seating and restaurants are off limits for pet dogs, these areas provide an environment to be with their beloved families is a perfectly acceptable compromise. Besides the seating is in comfortable reclining chairs and if the sea is very choppy …. any sea-sickness is much easier to deal with on lino flooring!

This beautiful low lying island lies close to Coll and due to its positioning and geography enjoys maximum amounts of sunshine. Our visit did back this up- there were a few tee- shirt and no thermal days even in late September.

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