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More pets- developing colour

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Poetry illustrations



tree mandala

Tree mandala

A local charity from whom I received invaluable help moved to new premises and asked clients to produce work for the walls. As the first to participate my brief was literally a blank canvas. Sometimes things just seem to come at you from everywhere and you just have to use the inspiration! Recently this is the case with mandalas and after reading on the subject it seemed an appropriate ‘frame’ for my wishing tree. So often as a project progresses your subject begins to link to other things. The power of the universe signified by  the mandala and colours representing essential elements  are to me a metaphor for awareness and nurturing of spirituality to achieve mental wellbeing. The poem which explains this is on my poetry page.  However what it means to anyone  else could be completely different!


I stand and stare

I stand and stare

Here I am experimenting with a more abstract style. This was created as the result of an excellent course I recently took online. Thank you Tara Leaver for such wonderful inspiration.( Tara Leaver, Abstractify ecourse http://taraleaver.com/abstractifycourse/ )

The subject matter for my was a surprise to me. It came about from playing with acrylics and using finger paintting and sponges blended until pleasing shapes began to emerge.


Living water


My faith is extremely important to me so I wanted to paint something to represent this in my own way. My interpretation of a sculpture in the cloister at Chester Cathedral- the ‘Water of life’ by Stephen Broadbent. Many thanks to my wonderful friend and tutor Neen Sidell  for her collaboration on ideas and technical tuition. We had lots of fun with this one ! The subject matter is the meeting of Jesus and the Samarian woman.

The theory if it is of interest:

The curves and sweeps connecting the statue figures originally attracted me to this work. I find them pleasing and wanted to convey the suggestion of forgiveness through this.

Neen and I had many discussions about layers of meaning. On the surface the artist has used the reality of flowing water to quench physical thirst. Underlying this is the suggestion of spiritual thirst quenching and the forgiveness of the woman.


The Kelpie


A Celtic legendary sea horse.

Take me sledging dad


A fond family memory.

Current projects are based on meditative art and the physical flow of paint.